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The mission of the Meett Associates is to achieve the goals of our clients & grow their businesses by using contemporary marketing methods. Our focus is to build destinantion and product awareness, increase sustainable tourism and stimulate growth in the areas of art, culture, education, sports and trade between the United States, Europe and countries around the world.

We are located in Louisville, Kentucky and faciliate event planning for Kentucky tourism, Indiana tourism and Alabama tourism. Please contact us today to discuss how the Meett Associates can help plan your next event.


We offer our clients a blend of traditional marketing methods with a healthy focus on contemporary technology and communications methods to achieve the client’s objectives. The primary traditional techniques are: print | PR | specialty media >>


Having successful years experience in business and marketing in partnership with scores of clients, our first order of business is understanding the objectives of our clients. We seek to understand our client's products, goals, and analyzing >>

Burkhard Masuhr

Burkhard, entrepreneur at heart, as president of MIM Inc. and founder of MEETT associates, he is the group’s operations manager. His background emanates >>

Kay Lowe Masuhr

Kay Lowe Masuhr's career has centered in the public sector beginning as a teacher, then Public Television graphic design Director, the Arts and >>


David Thurmond

David, has joined MEET associates after an extensive relationship with the principals of MIM Inc. In his career, beginning as an accomplished dancer at >>

Ian Hart

Is a web & graphic designer who has a passion for bridging modern design & function with culture. His career began as an IT consultant with IBM & Lexmark. >>

Jim Collings

Career spans 30 years. He began as a radio broadcast journalist and for nearly 20 years worked fo the Louisville, Kentucky National Public Radio affiliate... >>

Fred Weidler

For many years has been a media consultant, video- grapher & free- lance moderator. From the EU, his excellent network brought him & the founder of Meett together. >>

Tobias Arends

Is the latest arrival at MIM/MEETT Associates. In addition to his banking education, he has a BA in business administration and served in the Nato forces >>

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